About McLaren Certified Pre-Owned


Fifty years of motor-racing. It has instilled in us the importance of qualifying. Of starting each race in the best possible position. And of making sure every single element of the car is tuned and performing to perfection.

It's a mind-set that's impossible to change. Which is why we put every one of our pre-owned McLarens through the same rigorous checking process. It's your reassurance that every certified pre-owned McLaren is in first-class condition.

Our mission is not only to build the best sports cars in the world but also to offer the best ownership experience. McLaren Qualified delivers that commitment on pre-owned McLaren cars from our Retailers through the promise of quality and exclusivity with full factory support.



To receive our 'Certified' stamp of approval, it's not simply that a pre-owned McLaren must be in prime condition. It must also pass a rigorous and comprehensive examination - carried out by McLaren-trained experts at your preferred dealership.

And, what's more, we make sure the whole purchasing and ownership experience meets the same extremely high standards.


We promise that each pre-owned McLaren:
  • Comes with a minimum of one-year McLaren Certified Pre- Owned Warranty,1 including Roadside Assistance2
  • Has been 'Certified' against a rigorous multi-point inspection by McLaren-trained technicians
  • Has gone through all servicing and maintenance that's due within three months of handover
  • Comes with tires that are all McLaren-approved and have at least 3mm of tread remaining
  • Has been prepared to the McLaren Certified Pre-Owned standard, ensuring it is immaculate inside and out
  • Will only have genuine McLaren parts fitted, so it will drive precisely as our engineers intended
  • Will have undergone all vehicle provenance checks that are available on the market by the McLaren Retailer
  • There's no mileage limit from warranty inception
  • It's transferable via private sale
*Please note the McLaren P1TM is not included in the McLaren Certified Pre-Owned Program
*Roadside Assistance is not available in some markets



Professional pride. It runs through everything we do at McLaren. Our enduring drive to create and maintain the very finest performance cars has helped us attract the very best engineers. Those with an obsession for quality. A tenacious appetite for detail. A genuine passion for their work.
These are the individuals who work on every pre-owned McLaren that comes through our workshop. They put each car through the most comprehensive multi-point inspection, replace components and make any adjustments needed. Their ultimate goal is to make sure that a car's new owner enjoys the same incredible driving experience as the first person to ever fire the ignition.
Whether brand new or pre-owned, to them a McLaren is a McLaren.
And it always deserves the most meticulous care and attention.

While McLarens are beautiful to look at, they are not museum pieces. They are designed to be driven. And enjoyed. Our one-year Certified Pre-Owned Warranty offers total peace of mind so you can focus on the drive, knowing everything's covered. It can be made up of the balance of the manufacturer's warranty for cars under two years old, a dedicated McLaren Certified Pre-Owned Warranty - or a combination of both.

Whatever its form, the warranty provides a range of great benefits…
  • It covers the cost of parts and labor for eligible repairs carried out at authorized McLaren Retailers & Service Centers
  • It's fully manufacturer-backed offering unrivalled coverage on all factory-fitted components, excluding failures related to wear and tear, modifications or items outside manufacturers control
  • There is no claim limit3 or excess to pay when making a claim
  • It's valid at all McLaren Retailers & Service Centers in the countryof purchase
  • Repairs are carried out by fully trained technicians using McLaren genuine spare parts and equipment
  • There's no hassle - McLaren Retailers & Service Centers will minimise your inconvenience during repairs and handle all the administration on your behalf
  • There's no mileage limit from warranty inception
  • It's transferable via private sale
*Total number of claims over the course of the policy is unlimited. While the cost of one claim can be up to the value of the vehicle at the time the policy was purchased, all claims must be under this total value (exceptions apply).

Close to home. Far afield. Wherever you go with your McLaren, help is at hand if it's ever needed.* Our roadside engineers are highly trained and happy to assist. Roadside Assistance: McLaren Certified Pre-Owned cars are backed by a 12-month Roadside Assistance. Onward travel: Should we recover your vehicle and not be able to repair it there and then, we will make alternative arrangements to get you to your destination (subject to authorization). *Not available in all markets

When it comes to finding your ideal certified McLaren, we've made life easy for you. With our certified pre-owned car locator, you can browse all available certified McLarens safely in the knowledge they've all gone through our rigorous testing program. Once you've found the car of your dreams - or made your shortlist - our retail partners are ready to help. They'll provide the level of dedication, focus and qualified service you'd expect from McLaren. Add to this the McLaren Certified Pre-Owned commitment and there's simply no better place to buy a pre-owned McLaren.