Tech Talk: 600LT’s Top-Exit Exhaust

Martin Spanberger, Aftersales Manager, McLaren Vancouver  

The 600LT would be the third car in McLaren’s history to receive the “Longtail” treatment. The LT has received an array of improvements across the board compared to its little sibling in the Sports Series family, the 570S. One of the key distinguishing design features of the 600LT is the top-exit exhaust.    

Besides looking sinister and channeling the incredible sounds of its 3.8 L V8 rumble into the cabin, there are some real benefits of having a top-exit exhaust on the 600LT.    

Weight Savings 

Besides thinner glass, carbon fibre body panels, and lightened suspension components, the 600LT has reengineered the exhaust system to decrease weight by 28 pounds. On a 570S, the exhaust releases at either end of the bumper having to travel from the engine, over the transaxle, then back down to the diffuser to exit.    

The 600LT exhaust system fixes this by skipping the unnecessary travel of exhaust back down to the diffuser and simply releases the exhaust over the transaxle. This means less piping and in turn less weight. 

Cooling & Heat 

In the 570S rear, there are two fans to help remove warm air. There is no longer a need for these fans when the exhaust exits at the top of the 600LT. The rear of the car remains cooler. You may notice a matte finish on the center of the wing. This is not for esthetic purposes. The wing is wrapped in a material called seracote. It protects the wing from the extreme heat that is generated from the exhaust.    


With the exhaust existing at the roofline means that there is no interference with the rear diffuser design. This in turn improves airflow allowing air to flow completely freely through the diffuser. This paired with other aerodynamic improvements allows the 600LT to drive more freely throughout the air compared to its predecessor, the 570S.   


You might be wondering wouldn’t exhaust disrupt the downforce created by the wing? Surprisingly enough it has very little effect on downforce. This is because the center of the wing on the 600LT receives more turbulent airflow and not used to create the bulk of the downforce.  However, due to the shape of the 600LT, it’s more the edges of the wing that create the majority of the downforce. 


And you may be wondering about what about rain? The exhaust is pointed upwards, so wouldn’t it flood the engine? Don’t worry, fortunately, the McLaren designers thought about that and have come up with a very unique system designed with holes in the exhaust for water to drain. The exhaust is put under immense strain in McLaren’s Monsoon Room. The exhaust system on the 600LT is just one of the many improvements from the 570S.   

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